To Be Continued: Labor Day Approaches

Dear Ones,

With this coming Monday, summer is “over.” Labor Day is the traditional end to summer, though children now return to school well before the beginning of September in most places.

The beginning of September still brings a sense of expectation to my soul. As a child, I reveled in new crayons, new pencils, new supplies for school. As a young adult in college, I looked forward to new courses and professors who would stimulate my brain and engage my curiosity. These days I cast a wary eye at the weather forecast and keep track of the various storms which may affect us here in the Lowcountry.

AND I anticipate the return of our members and friends who come back as the temperatures in their summer places plummet. I look forward to upcoming autumn events – the Water Service, the Auction, and Penn Center’s Heritage Days.

This year I’m especially looking forward to the Founders’ Weekend Celebration in October, marking UUFB’s 20th anniversary as a beacon of liberal religion here in Beaufort! I hope you’ve marked your calendar for Oct. 12-13, and plan to attend the dinner on Saturday and a special celebratory service on Sunday. Minister Emerita Rev. Nan White will be preaching, and I’m sure she will have a great message for us.

Remember: On September 8th we will celebrate our annual Water Service. If you have water to share from summer adventures, great! If you have water from your own backyard or tap, great! If you forget to bring any, we’ll have pitchers of water for you to pour from to add to our common bowl.

Hope to see you soon!

Rev. Lori Hlaban