To Be Continued: Heat and Stress

Dear Ones,

June is here, along with record-setting high temperatures and a lot of violent weather in the Midwest and plains region of our country. The weather, the heat, distress over events in the news… it all adds up to rising anxiety. Anxiety in our personal lives, in our country, and in our congregation.

Such anxiety, I feel, underlies some of the less-than-skillful interactions I’ve observed lately between people in a variety of settings both in the community and here at UUFB. I speak for myself here, though I have a suspicion that some of you may also be feeling the anxiety – and observing some difficult interactions.

If you’re finding yourself in some of these conversations, which seem to be heading into conflict, and you’re wondering how to respond – I encourage you to check out our Healthy Relations Policy. It’s found on our website under “Our Policies,” here:

There’s a lot of good information there on communicating effectively and managing conflict. You can also contact me, or members of the Healthy Congregation Team. We’re able to listen and offer suggestions.

In other news… In just a week and a bit I will be away for two weeks! The first week I’ll be attending Ministry Days and representing the Fellowship at General Assembly, which is part of my work as your minister. The second week Tom and I will be vacationing in the Pacific Northwest, visiting family and enjoying the beauty of that region.

We have great services planned for the Sundays I’ll be away, both in June and other times throughout the summer. If you’re in town, I hope you’ll attend!

Many Blessings,
Rev. Lori Hlaban