To Be Continued: White Shoes

Dear Ones,

I was recently in a discussion where someone asked if we still needed to observe the custom of no white shoes before Memorial Day. The only time I ever heard of this was in novels, and wasn’t truly aware that this was something that real people observed.

I wonder where that custom originated? I suspect – but don’t know for sure – that it comes from etiquette books. I also strongly suspect that this might have been a ‘class marker,’ meaning that one’s observance of the custom might indicate their membership in a particular social class in this country.

Class is something not often discussed in our congregations. However, our history is clear: Unitarians were primarily the wealthier movers and shakers, while Universalists were more working class.

Classism, and racism, and sexism, and a lot of other -isms will be discussed in many workshops and side conversations at the General Assembly of the UUA in Spokane, Washington later in June. Your Board President Randy James and I will serve as delegates, and Barbara James is also attending. We hope to bring back news and ideas to share with you in our ‘Report from GA’ worship service in July.

Our Worship Team is working on a stellar line up of speakers for the summer, too. Watch for “Voices, Views, & Visions” soon!

It’s past Memorial Day… you can wear your white shoes…

Rev. Lori Hlaban