To Be Continued: Scam Alert!

Dear Ones,

Scam Alert. I heard a few weeks ago about a few UU colleagues who had been impersonated, by the use of a similar sounding email address. This is called “phishing.” Some members of their congregations received messages asking the member to purchase various gift cards for “someone who needs it.”

I posted a note about this scam in our closed Facebook group, and thought no more about it.

Now, two of my close colleagues in the Southeast UU Ministers Association chapter report that members of their congregations have received such emails. A few members of one congregation purchased the gift cards, then called their minister – who gently let them know that they’d been victims of a scam, and there was nothing the minister could do about it.

This is why our UUFB website does not publish email addresses of any staff or members. It’s also why we strongly discourage publishing any email addresses or phone numbers in the Headline News. Please know that if you receive such an email from someone pretending to be me… it’s a scam. If you’re unsure – call me and ask!

For more information on how this works:

More Happily: Remember that our Annual Flower Service is coming this Sunday, on May 12th. This is my favorite ritual-centered service. I especially love that it is unique to Unitarian Universalism. I hope you’ll attend – bring a flower, or a bunch! And stay after for a special Informational Congregational Meeting. Come hear what’s happening with our committees and the Board!

See you soon!

Rev. Lori Hlaban