To Be Continued: Coming Home

Dear Ones,

How did you feel the first time you attended a Unitarian Universalist service? Over the years I’ve facilitated many newcomer classes, and I’ve heard many describe the experience as feeling like they’d come home.

I’ve been thinking about this, as a few people have asked recently about publicity for UUFB.

I remember the days when faith groups took out large ads in the phone book – remember phone books?

I also remember the days when most people subscribed to a daily newspaper, and looked at the “Worship at the Church of Your Choice” ad every Thursday or Friday to see what was happening at the different houses of faith. (Note the word “church.” My small hometown had only churches.) At least one current member says they found us via such an ad in the Beaufort Gazette several years ago.

These are valid ways of publicizing UUFB. They also cost money.

However, there’s another way that is free, and has worked for years, for all kinds of groups: a personal invitation. People are far more likely to visit a house of worship after receiving an invitation from a current member. They may not come the first time they’re asked, or the fifth, but over time they may become curious enough to check us out.

It just so happens that March 31st would be a GREAT time to invite friends to worship with us! The service will wrap up our March theme of Journey, with a service titled “Coming Home.” I’m looking forward to it, and hoping to meet some new members of our “family!”

In faith,
Rev. Lori Hlaban