To Be Continued: Dealing with trauma

Dear Ones,

This past Sunday we held a memorial service for a dear member who took her own life. This coming Saturday we will celebrate the life of a founding member who died after a long period in hospice care. These are difficult times for our Fellowship.

You may have heard of the UU Trauma Response Ministry (UUTRM). There are volunteers – generally UU ministers – who are trained to help congregations respond to critical incidents. Critical incidents such as community trauma, disaster, or violence – or the death of a beloved founding member, and the death by suicide of another member, within the space of a week.

I have been in contact with the UUTRM, and a trained volunteer will be here on Sunday, February 24th. The volunteer who’s coming is The Rev. Susan Karlson, a community minister in Savannah, who has preached here as a guest in our pulpit. She won’t be preaching this time. Instead, she will be here in her capacity as a trained critical incident responder. While she will not be offering therapy or counseling, she will facilitate a group meeting where we may share our recent experiences with one another. She will also offer some resources for us to use to heal and recover.

So, this coming Sunday I will be presenting the service. Afterwards, we will have our regular time of fellowship with snacks and beverages. Then whoever wishes to participate will gather back in the Sanctuary with Rev. Karlson. I plan to attend, and I hope you will as well.

In faith,
Rev. Lori Hlaban