To Be Continued…

Dear Ones,

It was a pleasure to be able to participate in UUFB’s annual Peace Vigil at Cannon Park on Jan. 1st. Co-led by Chris Raskind and Ben Sellers, we shared readings, sang songs, and offered intentions for a peaceful New Year. This is a lovely and meaningful tradition!

Now I’m glad to be back from a brief vacation! Tom and I visited family and even managed to get all three of our adult children in the same place for about 24 hours.

Something I’d like to try in 2019 is Community Office Hours. The basic concept is that, at least once a month I’ll be available somewhere in Beaufort for UUFB members and friends to drop by and chat about whatever is on their minds. Typically this will be in one of the coffee shops where it’s not unusual for someone to linger for some time. The time and day will vary, so watch the Headline News, orders of service, UUFB Beloved Community Forum, and the UUFB Facebook page for those details. The first Community Office Hours will be next Thursday, Jan. 17th, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. at Common Ground. I hope to see some of you there!

Blessings to you,
Rev. Lori Hlaban