2019 Auction

2019 UUFB Auction: November 16, 2019

Tickets $10 each


large jukebox

“50s Fun, Funds and Fellowship”


You are invited to participate in the annual UUFB Auction in one or more of many ways

  1. as an attendee
  2. as a donor
  3. as a bidder
  4. as an underwriter
  5. as a solicitor of gifts and donations
  6. as a food provider/donor
  7. as a catalyst to bring your friends
  8. as a volunteer of your time

We will be having a Silent Auction at 5:00 pm with “bits and bytes” and drinks, followed by the Live Auction with our favorite auctioneer Tony Barbagallo, who always fosters a lively and fun filled night.

Key to the success of this event are DONATIONS.  So please if you have donated in the past please consider doing so again. Or submit your new idea for a donation, or ask your friends, or businesses you frequent to consider a donation.

You can submit your donation in one of two ways.

  1. Electronic Submission – use the Button below labeled “Submit Donation” and complete the electronic form.
  2. Use the paper “50s Fun, Funds, and Fellowship” 2019 UUFB Auction Donation Submission Form” on the easel in the Fellowship Hall lobby.

Completed paper donation forms should be left in the gray file tray labeled “Auction Donations” located on the counter in the Fellowship Hall lobby,  or given to Virginia Eads.

Submit Donation

If you have questions please contact the Fellowship office at 843-522-1765 or email admin@uubeafort.org