Visit Marshview Farm April 12, 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.


Community Organic Farm Friends,

Thank you for attending
our last fundraiser on March 29.  Your
presence was such a blessing.  We were
able to meet for the first time many of you and was able to get reacquainted
with old friends.  The students thought
this was the friendliest crowd yet. They were even more excited when we counted
the tips that were in the tip jar.  In
addition to their usual stipend, they also were able to take home an extra $20
a piece. 


The RK’s had folks
dancing and high fiving in the aisles and a guest singer Jan Spencer belted out
one of her down home blues that rocked the house! We made a profit of
$900.  These funds will go toward the
purchase of fertilizers, additional materials for the Old Packing Shed, greenhouse
materials which was destroyed in the storm and seeds for spring planting.


Come visit us at the farm, we
will be working on the Farm Thursday from

 9 AM11:00 PM. Location: 12 Georgees Trail St.
Helena Island, SC 29920


We would love to give you
a tour of the farm so you can meet some of the students who are now with us.  We also have some of our winter vegetables
just waiting for a farm to fork experience! The young farmers would love to
show you what they have planted this season.


We will not have a fundraiser in May,
there are so many events scheduled on our calendar, however, we will contact
you when we have GULLAH LIVE NIGHT, a night of music, dinner and friends. 

thank you for all you do for our young farmers, you are forever apart of their
lives too.