2016 & 2017 Pledge Form and Information

Dear UUFB Members and Friends,

Thank you for your continuing gifts of Time, Talent, and Treasure to the Mission of UUFB.

Your Personal Financial Commitment page for the fiscal year beginning 1 January 2016 is available by clicking HERE. By returning your commitment page to UUFB’s office administrator, you promise to help fund our annual Operating Budget for the coming year.

You may return your commitment page by mail, or by placing it in the Sunday offering basket, or by using the office administrator’s mailbox, located to the lower left of the front building entry. Or use the expanding attachment and send electronically to the office administrator:  uubeaufortadmin@gmail.com.

Members may see the 2016 Operating Budget in the For Our Members section at uubeaufort.org. Non-members may request a copy from Treasurer Jim Miller at miljaa8844@gmail.com. The Operating Budget is the source of funds through which we support our Mission. The Operating Budget funds all congregational activities (including community outreach), our mortgage payments, routine building expenses, and salaries. It does not address architectural or capital expenses.

Something successful is being continued! The Stewardship Team discovered two years ago that many people like pledging for two years. The Personal Financial Commitment page again provides that option. You will see separate lines for 2016 and 2017. If you wish to take advantage of the two-year pledge, you’ll be sent a reminder of your 2017 commitment in the fall of 2016, and no further action will be needed. As always, if your circumstances change in a way that affects your financial commitment to UUFB, please speak privately to the minister. Likewise, if financial circumstances allow for an increase in your pledge, your increased generosity to UUFB is deeply appreciated.

Please look carefully at the attached 2-page Fair Share Giving Guide if you are uncertain about the amount you wish to pledge. And if this is your first time to make a commitment, remember that a group of Longtime Financial Cheerleaders promise to honor your first pledge with their own gift of an additional $100 to the Operating Budget. Your Stewardship Team thanks you for your generous and loving support of UUFB!

UUFB Stewardship Team,
Betty Chamlee Miller
Larry Meisner
Liz Key