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2019 UUFB Auction
16 November 2019
“50s Fun, Funds and Fellowship”

Invite your family and friends to the 2019 UUFB Auction 
Saturday, November 16, 2019. 
Key to the Success of the Auction and our ability to Support the SEJ Activities of which we are passionate is having a large attendance.
Tickets may be purchased at the Door for $10. Credit cards are accepted.
Thanks to your Donations and efforts in the Community we have a exciting variety of items on which to bid and win to take home or experience.
Registration for the Auction begins at 4:30 PM in the Foyer of the Sanctuary and the Silent Auction begins at 5:00 PM in Fellowship Hall.
Click above to see what fabulous Items and Experiences are offered this year.



Unitarian Universalism is a liberating faith called to create Beloved Community. We believe that the governing principle of all relationships is the principle of love, which always seeks the welfare of others. How we have agreed to be together can be found in our covenant which holds us accountable to each other with the intention of striving toward Beloved Community. Everyone is welcome here, no matter whom you love, the color of your skin, your sexual or gender identity or your religious or philosophical beliefs.

Our Faith draws on many religious traditions, welcoming people with different beliefs. We are united by shared values, not by creed or dogma.

UUFB offers the individual a place to center oneself, programs to expand one’s heart and mind, and a supportive community in which to question, celebrate and work towards justice and peace.

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